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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to drive one of your vehicles?

You need to be aged between 23 and 70 and held a full licence for at least 2 years. However for people carriers, minibuses and 7.5ton trucks, drivers must be between 25 and 70 and have driven for at least 5 years.

Do I have to have a special licence to drive the minibuses or trucks?

Yes, as long as you licence shows category C1 (vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes) or D1 (vehicles with between 9-16 passengers)

Can I still rent if I have points on my licence?

In many cases this is not a problem, but please contact us to clarify your particular endorsements.

How do I pay for the vehicle?

We take payment from most major Credit or Debit cards.

What do your prices include?

Our prices include fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover for the UK and VAT

Can I put more than 1 driver on the insurance?

As long as they fit into our insurance criteria it is not a problem.

Is it possible to take the vehicle abroad?

We allow all of our vehicles to travel overseas. We need to know where you will be going and how long for so that we can arrange additional breakdown cover and insurance. Any vehicle travelling abroad will have the mileage capped to 100 miles per day.

What happens if I have a breakdown?

All our vehicles have 24hour-breakdown and recovery service.

What happens if I have an accident?

Do NOT admit liability, call the police if any one has been injured or if an offence has been committed.

You need to make sure everybody is all right and call an ambulance if required. Record details of the vehicles involved, and driver/s names and addresses. Any witness statements are useful. If you have a camera it is useful for as many pictures as possible to be taken of the scene and the vehicle/s involved. If you need recovering call the breakdown service - the number is recorded on the top right hand of your rental agreement. An accident report form will have to be completed for the insurance company.

How much will it cost me if I have an accident?

Within our hire fee we include comprehensive insurance, your liability starts at £750. If we can recover the costs from a third party it wouldn't cost you anything. We offer excess damage liability waiver which reduces your liability down to the following levels; cars £100, vans £200, people carriers and minibuses £200. 7.5ton trucks & motorhomes can not be reduced. If the costs to repair our vehicle is less than the excess we will charge the lower figure.

What do I do about fuel?

All we ask is you to bring it back with the same level as you received the vehicle.

Can I have the vehicle from one of your branches and return it elsewhere in the country?

We can arrange one-way rentals of cars. One way rentals of commercial vehicles can be arranged using one of our staff to meet you. The furthest we have been is Toulouse in France.

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